Our founder stumbled into Recruitment. Barry went for a job through a recruitment company and was offered a job by the recruitment company. He decided to take this job for one reason. Barry was a retailer and he believed, it takes one to know one.  As an expert retailer, he would be able to identify great talent for other retailers and crucially, understand the companies he was selling and the candidates he was selling too. Excel Recruitment was founded to become ‘The Retail recruitment Company’ and keeping it simple, Barry had one short mission in mind, ‘Place Great People with Great Companies’


It is over fifteen years later and Excel Recruitment is ‘The Retail Recruitment Company’, the number one specialist Retail Recruitment Company in Ireland. Boasting a candidate database of 45,000 retailers with 14 expert recruitment consultants still ‘Placing Great People with great companies’. The company has evolved beyond retail. Jobs at Excel takes Excel Recruitment guiding principles and adds them to the Hospitality and Food Service Sectors, whilst also servicing the Healthcare and Industrial Catering Industries. Our business supplies flexible workforce solutions to add value in peak business times and to cover absenteeism. You will meet Excel Recruitment Temporary workers in your local shop, on the floor or in the kitchen at your local Hotel or Restaurant, nursing home or medical centre. You will even meet them at Ireland’s largest festivals, serving you a drink or cleaning up after the event.


We love retail, both food and fashion, non-food and telecoms. Some notable achievements include :

  • From 2003-2005 Excel Led the Superquinn Blueprint project; the restructuring of the companies stores involving over 300 redundancies and 200 new appointments, removing the charge hand position from their business and repopulating the stores with duty managers.
  • From 2006- 2008 Dunnes Stores outsourced their entire management and head office recruitment function to Excel. Excel screened all direct and indirect applications for the company’s executives during a period of significant growth, creating real efficiencies meeting ambitious recruitment deadlines.
  • From 2000- 2003 Excel was responsible for the recruitment of all head office and store management to Lidl as they started on their aggressive expansion in Ireland. This involved spending time with Lidl executives in Ireland, Italy and Scotland, getting a real understanding of the Companies culture and needs before embarking on one of the most ambitious recruitment drives in Irish retail.


In 2013, Excel was tasked with re-opening HMV in Ireland. Partnering with Hilco, HMV’s new owners, Excel delivered 160 people on time and on budget. In fashion we have worked tirelessly to populate the Primark international buying office here in Dublin across European candidate markets. When it comes to buyers Excel is known as the market leader in the recruitment of buying personnel whether in food or fashion. Excel has been privileged to recruit for some of Ireland best loved family retail businesses, companies such as Carraig Donn and Kilkenny group along with Supervalu local chains from Dublin’s Kane McCartney group, to Kerry’s Garvey group, to the Caulfield McCarthy group have inspired Excel to provide the best possible talent at a competitive price. Excel has also enjoyed providing the recruitment expertise and local knowledge to a number of international companies when they entered the Irish market including Lidl, Inditex, Swarovski, Halfords. Dalvey. Pandora, Baslar and 3 mobile